Alnwick Brewery


The history of beer brewing in Alnwick dates back to the 1700s when ales were produced for the whole family and were considered safer to drink than the often polluted water supplies. The Alnwick Brewing Company was formed from several smaller companies in 1890, with the inception of the Companies Act, making it one of the UK's first limited companies. The company produced a range of beers and ales and at one stage even a bottled water!

The first beer to be recreated is Alnwick IPA, a traditional India Pale Ale which was first produced over 50 years ago. Designed to survive the sea journey to India thanks to its hops and alcohol content, this beer provides an authentic taste of the past.

Taken over by Dryborough's Brewery in 1978, Alnwick Brewery finally ceased trading in 1986 and despite the Brewery itself being a listed building, it was eventually demolished to make way for a supermarket car park!

Alnwick Brewery Co Rebirth


Thankfully though, many of the original recipes for Alnwick Brewery's historic beers have survived and the new Alnwick Brewery Company is now recreating these for modern drinkers to enjoy. Alnwick Brewery MD Ian Linsley hopes that the construction of a new Alnwick Brewery will not be far away, allowing the brewing of these historic beers to return to Northumberland where they belong.

You can now find the revived Alnwick Brewery Co at